Don’t look too eager but make sure he knows you

The first step in saving this fragile and endangered species is to institute a complete ban on hunting the seals by all of the nations touching the Caspian Sea including Russia, and Turkmenistan. This is just the first step that will be needed if the Caspian Seals are to be saved. After NOAA researchers officially declared the Caribbean Monk Seals extinct due to human activities earlier this year and with the rise of even more threatened and endangered species many are worried about the fate of the Caspian Seals and it will require a comprehensive conservation effort to protect them and restore their populations which are required to retain biodiversity on earth; something all life on the planet needs, including humans..

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I am an aspiring commercial solicitor. I enjoy finding solutions and hope to be able to contribute to a flourishing society. Ultimately however, I am very keen on getting into the education sector, perhaps in the capacity of being able to aid international collaboration to improve quality and systems of education, just as the International Office here at Southampton does!.

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Well, you’re going to have to suck it up and have eye contact with him if you want him to know you’re interested. There’s no need to stare at his eyes for hours but you do need to hold his gaze for the right amount of time. Don’t look too eager but make sure he knows you would be more than happy if he comes over and talked to you..

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